International Women’s day 2022

💖💜 For International Women's Day we are talking about Cervical Cancer Prevention 💖💜

💜 Last year 237 Australian women died from cervical cancer and 1 in every 185 women will be diagnosed with it. 

💜 The GOOD NEWS is that the chance of surviving a diagnosis of cervical cancer is high if caught early. 

💜 Vaccination: Girls aged 9-18 should be vaccinated against HPV (human papillomavirus) . HPV is a virus which can infect the cells of the cervix and cause them to change and grow abnormally. If left undetected, this is what can cause cervical cancer. This vaccine routinely takes place in schools around Year 7. We also offer this vaccination in our clinic at no cost. 

💜 Screening: Cervical Screening tests should be commenced from the age of 25 years old in all women who have ever been sexually active. Cervical smears look for the presence of HPV on the cervix. 
Different types of HPV require different levels of follow up. If your smear shows that you don’t have HPV then you won’t need to have a smear again for 5 years. If you do have HPV, depending on what type it is, you may need to retest in 12 months or sooner.

💜 Cervical screening can feel daunting. Our doctors will work with you to make you feel as comfortable as possible. If you are still feeling apprehensive, you can talk to one of our GPs about self-screening. We offer a self-swabbing service which you can either conduct in the clinic or at home. 

💜 Regular cervical screening could save your life and there are options to make it safe and comfortable for you. Talk to your trusted GP about your CST