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Main Street Medical Centre  Pialba Hervey Bay

New patients

New patients are invited to complete our New Patient Form prior to your appointment.

Once you have completed the New Patient Form you just need to drop it into our practice.  

Consultation Fee Schedules (In Clinic, Telephone, Telehealth and Vaccination)

Effective 1st January 2022, please note our fees have increased due to the increase in costs due to COVID.

Monday - Friday (8.00am-5.30pm)

Consultation Level Private Fee Medicare Rebate Out of Pocket

Centrelink Concession/Under 16


Dr Ramani

For concession card holders


$63 $18.85 $44.15 Bulk bill $45.00 (out of pocket $22.20)
Standard $85 $41.20 $43.80 Bulk bill

$64.00 (out of pocket $22.80)

Long $124 $79.70 $44.30 Bulk bill

$95.00 (out of pocket $18.05)

Extended $161 $117.40 $43.80 Bulk Bill

$147 (out of pocket $29.60)

* Dr Ramani Poonehela does not bulk bill see end row for fees

Dr Haseeb Ahmed has a fee for all first consultations, after the first consultation if you have a concession card it will be bulk billed.

Sunday Fees (or weekdays before 8am)

Consultation Level Private Fee Medicare Rebate Out of Pocket


$79.00 $31.75 $47.25
Standard $101.00 $53.65 $47.35
Long $139.00 $92.00 $47.00
Extended $176.00 $129.00 $47.00




Main Street Medical Centre is a mixed billing practice. Our standard fee for a consultation (for those without Pension or Health Care Cards) is $85. Pensioners and Health Care Card holders can be bulk billed depending on what doctor is seen, Dr Ramani Poonehela does not bulk bill concession card holders and Dr Haseeb Ahmed charges a first consultation fee for all patients, after the first consultation if you have a concession card it will be bulk billed. Veterans' Affairs patients are bulk billed. The fees mentioned are for a standard consultation but may vary depending on the length of your consultation.


Please contact us if you wish to discuss the fee for your appointment.


Our policy is that payments are to be made on the day of the consultation. Accepted payment methods include credit card, EFTPOS, and cash.



Appointments for standard consultations can be scheduled with your regular doctor or the next available doctor, depending on your preference and doctor availability.

Extended consultations are available on request. If you anticipate that your consultation will be longer than usual, please advise our friendly receptionist when arranging your appointment time.

Our appointments are classified and invoiced as follows:

Minor Service (Level A)

A brief consultation for an obvious problem characterised by the straightforward nature of the task that requires only a short patient history and, if required, limited examination and management.

Specific Service (Level B)

A consultation during which the General Practitioner obtains a selective history and  examination of the patient to assess and manage the health issue.

Extended Service (Level C)

A consultation during which more complex tasks are required of the General Practitioner and/or when he/she is presented with several alternative diagnoses  requiring a detailed history, examination, possible investigations, and management.

Comprehensive Service (Level D)

A consultation involving the General Practitioner obtaining an exhaustive history, performing multiple system examinations, and the possible arrangement and evaluation of complex investigations to narrow down multiple alternative diagnoses and determine the best treatment going forward.


Telephone and Telehealth consultations

On the 20th July 2020, due to Covid Medicare introduced telehealth or telephone consultations for patients who have an existing relationship with the GP/Clinic providing the consultation. Our doctors prefer telehealth consultations which are done on a website called Health Direct. There are limited exemptions to this requirement (Eg. infants under 12 months of age, people who are homeless). This means that:

  • If you have not seen a GP in our clinic face to face in the last 12 months you will not be eligible for a for telehealth or telephone services.

Telehealth and telephone consultations are generally bulk billed unless stated otherwise by the doctor. If this applies a consultation fee will be charged see above for fees.


If you are suffering a life-threatening emergency, please telephone 000 immediately to seek ambulance and hospital treatment.


For urgent cases, please telephone us immediately to discuss the problem or just come directly to the surgery. Or alternatively, contact 000.


Off-street parking is available at the rear of the building. Street parking on Main Street is also available.

Privacy and Confidentiality

We comply with the Australian Government legislation, ensuring that the privacy of our patients in maintained. A copy of our privacy policy and collection statement is available online or at reception. Further information is also available from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

on 1300 363 92.

Main Street Medical Centre Privacy Policy
MSMC Privacy Policy.pdf
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Reminders and Practice Information

Our practice is committed to preventative care and we may issue you with reminder notices or practice information from time to time. Please advise reception if you would like to withdraw from this free service.

After-Hours Coverage

Main Street Medical Centre works together with a local deputising service to provide an after-hours service for our patients.

If you require urgent medical attention after hours, please ring the surgery on 4128 3644. A recorded message will advise you how to get in touch with the doctor on duty. This may be a doctor from another local practice.


Consultations after hours may incur a fee.



How to obtain your Test Results

Please be guided by what your doctor tells you when he or she orders any tests, but as a general rule you will need to phone the surgery and make an appointment to discuss the results.


It is important that you always keep us informed of any change to your contact details, including your preferred telephone number, so that we are able to contact you if needed.