29. May 2024
We're excited to announce that Main Street Medical will be open this Sunday, June 2nd, from 8am to 12pm! Our dedicated team, including Dr. Shannon, Dr. Ramani, and Dr. Ahmed, will be available to assist you. Book your appointment online at www.mainstreetmed.com.au. See you then!
22. May 2024
🤡🎡We will be closed for the public holiday on Friday 24 May 2024🤡🎡
05. May 2024
We are open Monday 6 May 8am to 1pm
24. April 2024
🌺 We will be closed Thursday 25 April 🌺
20. March 2024
🌟 Exciting News! 🌟 The flu shots for our valued patients aged 65 and above have just arrived at our practice! 💉✨ Protecting your health has never been easier. 👵👴 If you're 65 or older, now's the perfect time to schedule your flu shot appointment and safeguard yourself against seasonal illnesses. Booking is quick and convenient through our website. Simply visit www.mainstreamed.com.au to secure your slot today! 💪 Don't wait until flu season is in full swing. Take proactive...
31. January 2024
Welcome Dr Zin Zin Thant
Dr. Zin Zin Thant is a dedicated General Practice Registrar with a passion for providing comprehensive healthcare, particularly in the areas of women and children's health. Specialising in skin excisions, Implanon procedures, and minor skin surgeries, Dr. Zin brings a wealth of expertise to her practice. Having previously worked in Bundaberg and Ipswich, Dr. Zin has honed her skills and gained valuable experience, earning a reputation for her compassionate patient care and commitment to promoti
04. November 2023
We will be open this Sunday 5 November 8am to 12pm. Book online via our website www.mainstreetmed.com.au or give us a call on 07 4325 4000. We still have appointments available! Bulk billed for children under 16 years and concession card holders. 🙏
25. October 2023
Be aware of breast cancer symptoms. Early diagnosis of cancer increases the chances for successful treatment. See your GP for a check up
17. October 2023
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer is close to all our hearts as we all have had a friend, neighbour or relative who has had breast cancer. Mammograms are available for free every 2 years for women from 50 - 74 but women in their 40s and those 75 and older are also eligible to attend for a screening mammogram. Book an appointment to discuss with your GP. Breast awareness is being familiar with the normal look and feel of your breasts, so that you can identify any unusual...
16. October 2023
📝 Have you registered for My Medicare yet? 📝 You can do this online via your Medicare account: https://login.my.gov.au/ Or you can use our QR Code and we can finalise your registration for you 💚 Link to our form is also here: https://www.hotdoc.com.au/forms/main-street-medical-centre-mymedicare-registration See the comments for photos for how to search and add our practice using the Medicare app 💚 For more information about My Medicare visit:...

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