28. April 2021
Open 1 & 3 May 2021
We will be open from 7am to 12:45pm on Saturday 1 May and Monday 3 May. Book online via www.mainstreetmed.com.au
28. April 2021
Phase 2A
If you are in Phase 2A for a Covid Vaccination, you can now book your appointment online for May 17 onwards. Just make sure you select a date on or after May 17 🙂 https://www.hotdoc.com.au/.../main.../doctors/appointment
19. April 2021
Flu Shots are here!
All government funded and private flu shots have arrived. Private flu shots are $20 each. Book online via www.mainstreetmed.com.au
19. April 2021
Open 26 April & 1 May
This Monday 26 April and Saturday 1 May we will be open 7am to 12:45pm. Book online via www.mainstreetmed.com.au
17. April 2021
Open Sunday 18 April 2021
On Sunday 18 April we will be open 7am to 12:45pm. Book online via www.mainstreetmed.com.au
07. April 2021
Over 65 Flu Shots are here
Our 2021 Government Funded Over 65 Flu Shots have arrived. Please book online or call us for an appointment.
30. March 2021
Welcome Dr Ali El Chakik
Please join us in welcoming Dr Ali El Chakik! He is starting tomorrow and will be working full time. You can book online via: https://www.hotdoc.com.au/med.../book/appointment/patient... Dr Chakik is Fellowed with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP). He has also completed a Diploma in Child Health at the University of Sydney. Dr Chakik has worked in the Hervey Bay and Maryborough Hospitals for a number of years in various specialties including Emergency Medicine, Pa
29. March 2021
Qld Government Health Directive
As per yesterday’s Qld Health directive, we request everyone coming to our practice, 12 years and over, wear a mask. We are taking precautions to keep patients and our staff safe. We continue to offer telephone consultations as well as face to face consultations. We request if you have any symptoms please book a telephone consultation with your doctor. Together we can respond to this situation and ensure we are protected against COVID-19. Further information at: https://www.qld.gov.au/.../healt
24. March 2021
Phase 1B Covid Vaccination Appointments are now available online
Phase 1B COVID-19 Vaccination Appointments are now available online. If you are a new patient, please bring your Patient Health Summary to your appointment. Also if you are currently taking warfarin, please bring your latest INR result. #thankyou
28. February 2021
World Compliment Day
World Compliment Day is celebrated to spread joy through simple verbal affirmations of appreciation. With less focus on providing material gifts of appreciation and cost nothing, everyone can participate! Giving a compliment is easy, whether it’s telling someone you like their shoes, or letting them know they’re doing a great job — whatever it is, it can turn someone’s whole day around. So this day is a reminder to vocalise your positive thoughts and watch them light up a room!

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