28. July 2021
Open Sunday 1 August 2021
On Sunday 1 August we will be open from 7am to 12:45pm and Dr Ali El Chakik will be working. On Sunday our billing policy has changed. It will be $94 for a standard consultation with a rebate of approx $50 and if you have a concession $74. No bulk billing on Sundays sorry.
28. July 2021
Our practice is administering Pfizer Covid-19 Injections. If you would like to make an appointment please go to https://www.hotdoc.com.au/medical-centres/book/appointment/patient?clinic=2134
28. July 2021
Welcome Dr Haseeb Ahmed
Please join us in welcoming Dr Haseeb Ahmed. He has appointments available today which is very exciting and he is taking new patients! https://www.mainstreetmed.com.au/our-team/dr-haseeb-ahmed/
25. July 2021
Pregnant Women can now receive Covid Injection
All pregnant women aged 16 years and over are now eligible for a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination. Pregnant women can receive the Pfizer vaccine at any stage of pregnancy. We request you book online at www.mainstreetmed.com.au as we need to keep our phone lines open for people with medical issues. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or planning pregnancy and have any concerns please speak with your GP for more information.
12. July 2021
Book your Pfizer and Astra Zeneca Vaccine online
We are now accepting appointments for both Pfizer and Astra Zeneca Covid-19 vaccinations online. 💉 Please ensure you meet the Government eligibility criteria 📝when stepping through our online booking process. 💻 Appointments can be made at www.mainstreetmed.com.au
10. June 2021
Open Sunday 13 June & Sunday 20 June
We will be open this Sunday and next Sunday. Book online via www.mainstreetmed.com.au
20. May 2021
28. April 2021
Open 1 & 3 May 2021
We will be open from 7am to 12:45pm on Saturday 1 May and Monday 3 May. Book online via www.mainstreetmed.com.au
28. April 2021
Phase 2A
If you are in Phase 2A for a Covid Vaccination, you can now book your appointment online for May 17 onwards. Just make sure you select a date on or after May 17 🙂 https://www.hotdoc.com.au/.../main.../doctors/appointment
19. April 2021
Flu Shots are here!
All government funded and private flu shots have arrived. Private flu shots are $20 each. Book online via www.mainstreetmed.com.au

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