Welcome Dr Zin Zin Thant

Dr. Zin Zin Thant is a dedicated General Practice Registrar with a passion for providing comprehensive healthcare, particularly in the areas of women and children's health. Specialising in skin excisions, Implanon procedures, and minor skin surgeries, Dr. Zin brings a wealth of expertise to her practice.


Having previously worked in Bundaberg and Ipswich, Dr. Zin has honed her skills and gained valuable experience, earning a reputation for her compassionate patient care and commitment to promoting overall well-being.


Beyond her medical pursuits, Dr. Zin embraces a zest for life. When not in the clinic, she finds joy in exploring the world through travel and unwinding with a good Netflix binge. Driven by a genuine desire to make a positive impact on the health and lives of her patients, Dr. Zin Zin Thant continues to exemplify excellence in the field of general practice.