Dr Ramani Poonehela

Meet our Doctors Series: We want you to get to know us better! We thought we would go through each of our doctors over the coming weeks and our second (in no particular order) is Dr Ramani Poonehela (aka Dr Ramani). Dr Ramani is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and has been at our practice around 4 years. If you want an appointment with an experienced Fellowed female GP, then Dr Ramani fits the bill. Prior to joining our practice, she worked for a number of years in General Practice in Alice Springs. Dr Ramani particularly enjoys women’s and children’s health. The majority of Dr Ramani’s patients are children and women (of all ages)- although men are always welcome! She also sees a lot of patients (men and women) for mental health. Dr Ramani spends hours after all her appointments are finished for the day, carefully going through her patient files- she is extremely thorough and dedicated. She even contacts us on her days off to check on certain patients she is worried about! Dr Ramani also offers ear microsuction, for those people with stubborn wax stuck in their ears. Finally Dr Ramani enjoys doing cervical screening tests because they are so important to a woman’s health and often patients let their CST lapse- so if you are overdue she is a good option! If you want to combine a CST with a breast check in the same appointment, she also offers ‘women’s health checks’ which is a popular option too. She is available Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 7:45am to 12:30pm. Dr Ramani will be working this Thursday 22 September which is now a public holiday. Also Dr Ramani does not bulk bill any patients except children under 16 years. Her fees are listed on our website. Discounted rates available for concession card holders. Book online www.mainstreetmed.com.au or give us a call on 07 4325 4000